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Valves & Accessories

The experienced staff at Matthew Davis are able to assist you with your valve selection process.

Our valve product range includes

Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Strainers, Diaphragm and Gauges. Other types available on request.

How to choose a valve

In order for one of our qualified staff to assist you with a recommendation please endeavour to provide answers to the following service and system conditions:

  • What type of valve operation is required, multi-turn or quarter-turn?
  • Where is the valve to be used, what function you want it to perform?
  • What are the pressure/temperature requirements?
  • What kind of fluid will be in line?
  • What size is the line?
  • Are the conditions moderate or extreme?
  • How much room have you got for valve stems/handles?
  • What are the service requirements; are the valves to be regularly dismantled for cleaning and/or maintenance?


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